Queue callbacks not working at all

I have the VQ Plus/Queues Pro module installed and enabled on FPBX 13.0 and I’ve configured a Queue Callback for our one and only support queue. I used most of the default values just to get it up and running and test to see how it works. However, the voice prompt does not play at all no matter what delay I set it at. If I hit 1 during our music on hold, it’ll repeat back my number I’m calling from and allow me to record a name but after hitting the pound key it never actually generates the callback. It doesn’t show up in pending at any point and I never receive a call back. I’ve watched the console logs with “asterisk -rvvvv” (or similar) and I don’t see any errors being generated. I’m not sure if there’s some conflicting settings somewhere causing it to not work or if I’m missing something. I’ve set “periodic announcements” to “Queue Callback” and selected the callback I configured, yet FPBX refuses to acknowledge that said callback exists.

Please find the call in /var/log/asterisk/full and check for a codec mismatch or error in the context.

The non-codec possibility is that a file system somewhere is not set up correctly. The command “fwconsole chmod” might help.

That’s the thing. I watched the log while I was waiting in queue and there were no codec mismatch errors or anything. Our regular music on hold and “place in queue” announcements play just fine and when I hit 1, THAT voice message plays fine along with the one that reads the numbers back. I’m just using the default prompts that come packaged with FPBX. Everything appears to complete successfully but the module never actually generates the callback. I ran fwconsole chown (not chmod, that doesn’t exist) just for good measure and we’ll see if that helps any.