Queue Callback

So, I have seen a lot of people asking why the queue callback working off of queue position instead of agent availability.

Correct me if I am wrong…

I am testing queue callback with 1 static agent. Queue 1 times out after 15 seconds and rolls to queue 2. While in queue 2, a queue callback breakout occurs after 15 seconds prompting them to press 1 to receive a call back. As soon as they opt in, it calls back immediately even if the static agent is on a call.

In the queue rules I have specified “skip busy agents” so if the static agent is on a call, queue callback still does it’s job.

It is completely idiotic for queue callback to operate this way. Is there any creative work around besides using an IVR breakout? Did any of the multiple feature requests ever resolve?

Asterisk 13.22.0


i hear ya

unfortunately thats the way it was written some time ago

the system calls back when the caller is number 1 in line- its in the docs as such as too :frowning:
When the caller’s held position is next in line to speak to a representative, the system will place an outbound call. When the caller accepts the callback, the system will route the caller to the queue, and the caller should experience little or no wait to be connected to an agent.

ill push on this once again and propose to have two options

  1. callee who initiated call back is rang when position reaches 1’st in line and re-introduced to the same queue they just said they didn’t want to wait for (current method)
  2. add a new method whereby the call is initiated to an agent thats available first , then agent is played the recorded name and some optional info like time call back was placed? and any message the caller left? and THEN the call is placed to the person who left the call back request

ill open a public feature request and note it here in hopes we get some comments of votes
here it is -> https://issues.freepbx.org/browse/FREEPBX-20655

I appreciate it…

I should have done more homework before I bought the VQ Plus…

Intuition told me that it would have more flexibility. Go with your gut is apparently not always the best thing.

Thanks again!

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