Queue-callback running crazy

Have a system that is current, and it has Queues Plus paid for and installed on the server. Today I got a call saying calls were being dropped, and to add insult to injury while on the phone with the IT director it dropped our call twice. At first I thought network issue, but when looking at the process table on the PBX, I noticed the process queue-callback was at 100% CPU and just killing the server.

I have killed that runaway process, and disabled the module for now, but they honestly don’t even use the callback feature, when looking at the config for callback there was nothing setup, so just the screen saying I could create a new condition.

Any ideas what might cause this, or how to resolve it??

From top:

30708 asterisk 20 0 335m 31m 9544 R 100.0 0.4 236:04.01 queue-callback.

To add insult to injury, even with queues plus disabled in modules, it still went runaway again, and had to be killed…

Maybe disabling the module didn’t kill the process as part of it, as a 3rd follow-on, looking at the process table I don’t see it running after this last kill. Something wacky with queue-callback for sure…