Queue call not working . after 2 ring dropped then again 1 ring

Hi Team,

I am facing in queue call distribution . i have multiple agent available in an particular queue, when someone call agent phone rang for 2 time then call dropped for 1 sec then again rang 1 time … this is happening with all queue member. i want that when some one call agent phone should ring continuously 3 times after that it will transfer to another agent available in queue .can you please help me in that. please see given below attached configuration.

It shouldn’t ring twice with your configuration, as you have disabled retry, and it should ring for 15 seconds the first time. Your description sounds more like you have Agent Timeout = 2 and Retry = 1. I think you need to provide a full log, as per


You haven’t provided the page with your queue strategy, but, without retry, Asterisk will not step to the next agent unless the first agent rejects the call within the Agent Timeout. Incidentally, you probably want Agent Timeout Restart enabled, for what you say you want to do.

You may want to consider the round robin strategy or Auto Pause, if agents are going to let calls ring out.

This is Ring Strategy … rrmemory which i have set and my requirement is that when someone call its ring 3 time after that call will tranfer to anather agent then again ring 3 times then transfer to another person .

rrmemory should cause the next agent to be tried for the next call, but, as noted above, your configuration should only call one agent for a call, unless the agent rejects the call, within the timeout.

You can’t absolutely guarantee how many rings the agent will hear, for various reasons.

However, I think we still need the logging to really understand what is happening. Even then more detailed logging may be needed.

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