Queue Call Drops with Transfer


Troubleshooting a unique issue that seems to be a codec incompatibility, but could use some advice in determining if that is the cause.

Here are the sequence of events:

  • An external caller is placed into the queue
  • An agent answers the call, but needs to call an internal office to answer the caller’s question
  • The agent puts the external caller on hold by pressing the hold softkey
  • The agent dials the extension of the internal office
  • The internal call is dropped after a few seconds and the agent is returned to the external caller.
  • This also happens if the agent attempts a standard or blind transfer.

Current Workaround:

  • The agent puts the external caller on hold
  • The agent presses the second line key and waits for the dial tone
  • The agent then transfers the call on hold or dials the internal extension successfully.

This PBXAct appliance uses a PRI and a SIP trunk for multiple sites. This issue happens randomly with extensions that use the PRI, but always happens with the extensions that use the SIP trunk. Based on some research it seems like the SIP trunk only uses the ulaw codec. In the Asterisk SIP settings the codecs are in the following order:

  • ulaw
  • alaw
  • gsm
  • g726
  • g722

Here are the current versions of the appliance:

  • PBXAct
  • Asterisk 16.30.0

Where else can we look in the Asterisk settings or logs to help determine the issue?

Thank you for your time.

This sounds like a phone problem, assuming a SIP phone (you didn’t say). A SIP phone effectively makes the enquiry as a second line call.

Thank you for your reply.

All agents use Sangoma S series endpoints. Either S406 or S505.

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