Queue Call Back Questions

We would like to use this feature. We currently have it, but I was reading about it and I am not sure this will work well for our business. We are a smaller company and not very many agents so I am afraid this will call the next user in the queue but still need to wait on hold for 3-5 mins before we can get to them.

Ideally, I would like to do something that would instead when we get off a call we could then take the next call in the queue and it would then dial out to the customer and then connect them with us.
Does something like this exist? Instead of PBX preemptively calling the customer before we might be ready to take the call we basically would be in a sense calling them back when we are free, but it would still act as a queue with the priority on who had been waiting in there the longest.

I hope that makes sense.
Thank you!

complete sense - i think i already have a suggestion out there to do so. you can PM @jsmith , product manager with the request as well.

ill see if there are any other options short term

the current solution only calls the caller back when they are first in line and then they rejoin the same queue and will wait as long as it takes for that previous call to clear

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Thank you I will shoot the PM over to the PM lol.

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