Queue Call back going to Blind Transfer

Seeing an odd behavior on Queues Pro for Call Backs. Periodically when a customer enters the information for the call back and end with # it will put them into a blind transfer and open a new channel. It’s like the system is seeing a ## coming through when it is only receiving one.

  • I have Disallow transfer options for inbound callers set to true, confirmed in the DB it is set to 1 enabled.
  • I’ve removed the T options from the Dial Options but that didn’t correct as well.

Any thoughts out there?

PBX Firmware 5.211.65-21
PBX Service Pack

Do the asterisk logs show ##. If so start with your carrier and figure out why its sending the ##

No, they don’t. I went through the carrier to confirm it wasn’t repeat dtmf and we were able to confirm it wasn’t. What I’ve seen is the # go through and the system says “Transfer” then while tailing the logs i can see the system playing the prompts to confirm the entry while tailing the log on the new channel. Sometimes the logs don’t even show the # go through but it still works. It’s hit or miss honestly.

I also tried changing the default of the blind transfer to something other than ## and it still opens a channel which just added to the confusion.

Gave this a band aid fix. Made edits to extensions_additional.conf in order to remove the prompt for #. This seems to be the best case work around at the moment. Thank you for the help.