Queue AutoPause cant unPause

I can set AutoPause in a queue and it will Pause the agent, how does an agent unPause? I have tried the feature code *46 and I get a message that says “Pause Deactivated” but the agent does not get any more calls. Does anyone know how to end an autopause?


Using the feature code should unpause them. Look at what asterisk shows for the queue.

asterisk -rx “show queue XXX” with XXX being queue number.

I tried that command with and with out the “” and I get a No such command. This system is on asterisk

The command I used was asterisk -rx “show queue 2002” as 2002 is my queue number.

I see this error in the Asterisk Debug when I dial the *46 code.
Maybe a file permissions error?

[2014-02-20 16:44:26] ERROR[-1]: pbx.c:3734 ast_func_write: Function QUEUE_MEMBER cannot be written to

Just wondered if you had found a fix for this as I am getting the same issue. *46 or *46qnum returns the same error…?