Queue Auto Logout?

All my users are on SIP softphones (Eyebeam). Everyone logs in using XXX* and then enters their SIP extension number. At night people keep forgetting to logout before they shutdown Eyebeam. As it stands right now, they are left in the queue. Not good.

Is there a way to have a user logged out of the queue if their SIP client becomes unreachable?

It would be really great if extension 101 would get logged out of the queue if the SIP/101 was no longer registered with Asterisk.

Or is there a way to auto log them out of the queue if they don’t answer X calls in a row?

I just need a way to get these inactive phones out of the queue!


Would there be a way to do this from a Cron job?

Somehow check to see if any of the logged in extensions are no longer registered and then log them out of the queue(s)?