Queue and DND

I have a client that has three extensions (static agents) on a queue.
When they are all three in DND ( FreePBX DND through *76 feature code), the callers still enter the queue despite the “Join Empty” option being set to no.

How do I get the caller to go to the fail over destination when they are all in DND?

Try with Join Empty = Ultra Strict

When this came up recently, the answer was to arrange to to pause the agent in the queue at the same time. The basic problem is that DND is a FreePBX construct, so the Queue application knows nothing about it.

I don’t know about the ultra strict option. It is possible that FreePBX pre-checks for DND before calling Queue, but that wasn’t offered as a solution the last time this came up.

The ext being on ‘DND’ will make the device status = In Use. Having also the ‘Skip Busy Agent = Yes (ringinuse=no)’ will prevent the ext to ring queue calls.

I’ll have to look at how that works. DEVICE_STATE cannot be used to set device states on real devices.

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