Queue agents in a multilingual operation

Hi Everyone, here’s a small riddle to validate with the community. I have an environment where support calls can come from french or english users. The agents are for the most part bi-lingual but some are only englos. We use Queues Pro module. i see my options as the following:

  • Prefix the CLID with the user’s choice of language (selected in the IVR), have englos not pick up french callers and use lazy members patch to direct to another agent. (dirty but should work)
  • Create two queues for each function, one in each language and define the agents that can log into each. (feels like an overly cumbersome way to do things)

I wanted to run these scenarios by you guys and see if anyone has a recommendation as to what to do.


That’s your option. You will not be able to change the Queue’s MoH/recordings on the fly like that. So the playback for those things would need to be in French or English along with destinations going to specific French or English destination.

I suggest keeping your single language speakers in their own language queue and having your bi-lingual agents in both queues. You can modify the queues so that if a bi-lingual agent is on a call in the French queue the English queue will see them as INUSE and not attempt to send calls with them until they are ready to take calls.

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Hi Tom, this was my thinking too. it also works best for the VM message of the no-answer destination. I was just hoping that there would be a method that would make it easier to manage agents membership in the long run.
Thank you for the input.

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