Queue Agent vs Members

Can someone please explain the difference between an agent and a member. Thanks.

Hi, I’m not a freepbx expert, so i can be wrong.

Agents are people who can answer calls for a queue, they need to login to the system to answer that calls. An agent has code, name and password, as far as i know, freepbx don’t have any module to create agents, so if you want to create you own agents you will need to add them to the agents.conf file manually.

Members of a queue are agents or extensions where incoming calls of the queue can be placed. Freepbx lets add agents or extensions to a queues in the queues module. If you prefixes the member with letter A, freepbx asumes you are tryng to add an agent in which case you need to create that agent manually in agents.conf, otherwise an extension will be added to that queue.

i developed a little module to manage agents from freepbx without editing agents.conf manually, if you want i can send it.

I’m setting up a queue for a small call center and I woul find really usefull a module to manage agents. Is any developement planned?

Would you bee able to send that to me? It would be greatly appreciated.

I would also love to see you module for managing agents. I cant seem to find a way to send you a private message in this forum though.

private messages are sent via the my inbox (see bottom right hand corner of this or any page)

can i take a look at your module. jcajuste25(at)yahoo(dot)com.

thand you

Theres already an agent manager module in the contributed modules sectionof this web site. I have downloaded and used it. Its nice.

Id love to give you a link where you can download it - but I cant ever seem to find the contributed modules here. Im sorry - I cant ever seem to find anything on this site. But if you can find it, try downloading it.

If you need a desktop solution you could look at ASTassistant. Its freeware


here is the link: http://mirror.freepbx.org/modules/release/contributed_modules/

thank you appreciate it. i have one question when i do “show agents” in asterisk cli it shows two agents but none logged in. i know for testing purpose i did log them in.