" questions i hope someone can answer for me :)

Hi there everyone , firstly thanks for taking the time to read my dilema.

I am new to freepbx , and I enjoy working with it , I have a working VOIP trunk , inbound and outbound is working and I have 20 extensions all setup and ready to go. This is where my knoledge ends.

I Have setup groups of extension numbers for example

All extensions starting with a 4 are sales
All extensions starting with a 5 is technical support e.t.c

Is there a easy way to prevent extensions starting with a 4 to not be able to call extensions starting with a 5 for example.

I guess the easiest way is when setting up the extension I tell it what it is allowed to call , and to block everything else. How do I achive this.

My 2nd questions is.
I have 1 incoming number (sip voip) , Is there anyway I can redirect the incomming call which depends totally on the DDI or CLI of the incoming call. For example if a call comes from 1234567 it goes to IVR 1 , if a call comes from 7654321 it goes to IVR2. Reason i ask this is , we have a windows CT pbx running and that has call forwarding so differant IVR need to be in place for those fix numbers.

I hope this makes sence and if not please contact me and I can try and explain it a bit better.


FreePBX is not designed to segregate extensions from calling each other at this time, that is planned in the future. You would require some customizations to do that or there may be some contributed modules that are not officially supported that may help that you can look into.

Your call routing question is a little confused. You have one incoming number, so 1 DID (or DDI in some countries). I think you are asking about routing based on the CID (CallerID) that comes in with that DID. Yes you can do that on the Incoming Routes screen, take a look there it should be obvious and there are tool tips which provide a bit more help.

Philippe Lindheimer - FreePBX Project Lead
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Thanks ever so much for answering my question. IM not sure how to look for these addons , and hopefully this will be intrgated soon.
I tried the CLI way of doing things , but unfortunatly the CLI is witheld and is not sent with the incomming call so I will have to find another way of doing it.
Thanks a million ohh and what a fab piece of kit.