Questions for move from 3CX to FreePBX?


I use since few years 3CX for my own company and it works fine although it’s not open source and I’m quite concerned by the terrible management of 3CX.
For one of our customer we are migrating from analog traditional phone system to VoIP, I was thinking first to install a 3CX system but quite tempteld to install it with FreePBX and if working fine migrate my own company system too.
I still have few questions before making the step:

  • From what I have read in forum it looks like it’s not really a problem to provision Fanvil phones with FreePBX although I didn’t see yet how to configure the special keys of the phones. I have access also at fdmcs tool from Fanvil but not sure it’s usable with FreePBX ? How about the special keys of the phone ?
  • I have also an I62 from Fanvil (video door bell) and it looks from what I have seen in forum that video should work without problems on phones that support it ? but with Fanvil ones possible ?
  • Is there a good mobile app that can be used as softphone for FreePBX ? It was one of the very good point of 3CX their mobile app was working really well and kept connected all time ! I have seen some advice to use the Wave app of Grandstream, good idea ?
  • For trunks in and out it should be ok (my DID operator didww has some tutorials for it and that’s quite simple)
  • Will FreePBX work fine if it’s behind a NAT (I can open all ports needed for the trunks) ? all phone sets will be on the LAN)

Thanks for your help and answers


App Mobile & Desktop : sangoma phone, works on desktop and mobile phone (Ios and android), it’s supported natively

Freepbx works behind a nat (you need to configure your firewall)

  • Some fanvil phone models are supported by Endpoint Manager.
  • The non-free Sangoma Talk app is an excellent mobile client
  • FreePBX (more correctly Asterisk) works fine behind NAT with proper config.

Pay once at the endpoint: SIP Softphone Applications For iOS and Android | Acrobits

Pay annually, centrally, with FreePBX integrated management tools: Sangoma Talk - Softphone - Sangoma Technologies


ah nice so I’ll take a licence of it for the system to ease provisioning of all Fanvil phones :slight_smile:

Thanks for that very interesting info too as the annual central system is quite nice for businesses :wink:

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