Questions about "Warm Spare" implementation /w DNS SRV Records

Hi there

I’m running FreePBX Distro 14. I have Server A and Server B. Server A is the primary, Server B is the warm spare. I have this setup running properly by following these instructions:

However instead of having to go re-ip servers when needing to switch over from Server A to Server B, I’ve implemented DNS SRV records instead, which seems to work fine.

My question is this… the endpoints in question are Bria softphones and by default, Bria is set to re-register every 3600 seconds, or 1 hour. So for DNS SRV to really be effective in this scenario, you’d have to configure Bria to re-register every 5 minutes – otherwise, the end users will need to be instructed to close and reopen their soft phone clients when Server A goes down to force a re-registration.

Would it be bad practice to configure the Bria clients to re-register that often? Would it create a ton of unnecessary network traffic? I’m just looking for some advice on what the ideal solution would be in this scenario.

Thank you!

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