Questions about integrating with current system


Hopefully this is in the correct spot.

We were looking for a free system that would help us setup an easier way of allowing multiple devices to connect to our current phone system. We had a tech here do an initial test but he left no documentation other than we know he used asterisk. We stumbled on the FreePBX product and we were wondering if anyone could answer a few questions to see if this is something that may work for us.

What we have is the following:

  • NEC SV8300 PBX as our main phone system
  • A windows XP machine running an NEC DECT software (DHCP for the access points as well as other NEC DECT processes)
  • 20 NEC DECT Access Points
  • 31 NEC G955 DECT Phones

We are looking to connect other devices to this current system to run along side it. I am unsure of the final scope, however I know we are aiming to have devices similar to a current smartphone or a dolphin handheld running a Windows CE OS be able to have an extension and make/receive calls between current extensions and possibly outside calls. This is basically to allow certain people in our warehouse be able to have order tracking software run on their phone/windows CE device but then take a call with this same device.

The FreePBX product, if I understand it correctly, looks like a good way of interacting with asterisk which I believe was working before the tech left. We are hopeful this product can do what we are looking to do. If you need more information to better answer, feel free to ask whatever questions you need and I’ll answer them to the best of my ability on what our future plans are.

Thank you for reading this and I look forward to your response.


It sounds to me as you need another engineer to check the previous install and migrate the configuration to FreePBX.

There is no documentation for the previous install/configuration. I have no problems going through this trying to figure it out, I was just wanting to see if anyone had done something similar that could tell me if it should work or knew more to save me a bit of time setting it all up just to find out it would never work.

While my situation isn’t exactly like yours, I am finishing up a migration from a Siemens ROLM 9751 legacy pbx. We added a T1 card into the ROLM and connected it to a Sangoma Dual Port T1 card in one of our Free PBX servers. To provide inner connectivity between the two systems the ROLM was programed to expect a “3” to access the trunk to FreePBX and the FreePBX Server had an outbound route placed last of NXXX and is set to use the trunk connecting the two systems.

When we move an extension from the ROLM to one of the new FreePBX systems, we delete the extension on the ROLM and then create a system speed that when it is dialed will append a 3 and send it across the trunk to the FreePBX Server.