Questions about FreePBX's built-in XMPP Server

Is FreePBX’s XMPP server native to the Asterisk/FreePBX build or is it merely an integration with a dedicated XMPP server like eJabberd, Prosody, etc.?

Does FreePBX’s XMPP server support OMEMO (XEP-0384) natively?

If not, is there an open source or commercial module available to gain OMEMO E2EE functionality?

I’m keen to learn about configuring and using FreePBX’s XMPP services but have found little detailed information on how to do so, nor any definitive source specifying the extent of FreePBX’s support for various XMPP XEP’s like OMEMO (XEP-0384).

FreePBX XMPP module uses Lets Chat XMPP server on the backend and is very basic in the existing setup.

Interesting, that’s a new one I hadn’t heard of.

Couldn’t even find it on the list of XMPP servers at OMEMO.TOP

I suspect I’ll be better off just spinning up a dedicated and robust XMPP server as now that I think about it, I’m not sure what an XMPP Server/Asterisk-FreePBX server integration actually gains me other than instant technical debt and needless commingling of disparate technologies.

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