Questions about Failover numbers, ddos service interruptions with sipstation trunking

We have a landline at our business that we would like to use as a failover number to our sipstation trunking. We have a physical pbxacct device here at our facility.

We understand that calls will be forwarded to this number should our internet connectivity or hardware would fail, perhaps because of a power failure or internet problem at our end.

I’ve read about ddos attacks on voip services. In that case our calls would typically fail, because it would be the trunking company whose servers are down, and there would be no forwarding. Is this correct?

Further to this, how is sipstation fairing with with these attacks? Have they been hit? Is there any way to mitigate or immunize a service like this? Is there anything I should be doing at our level to mitigate the risk of sipstation having a problem that degrades service for more than a short while?

Thanks for your input

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