Question regarding trixbox pro, the GPL and freepbx

From what I understand the trixbox pro GUI was based from freepbx like the CE edition, but it is not open source. Infact Chris Lyman said trixbox pro is based off Fonality’s Pbxtra. Here’s a snippet from the GNU website:

"A company is running a modified version of a GPL’ed program on a web site. Does the GPL say they must release their modified sources?
The GPL permits anyone to make a modified version and use it without ever distributing it to others. What this company is doing is a special case of that. Therefore, the company does not have to release the modified sources.
It is essential for people to have the freedom to make modifications and use them privately, without ever publishing those modifications. However, putting the program on a server machine for the public to talk to is hardly “private” use, so it would be legitimate to require release of the source code in that special case. We are thinking about doing something like this in GPL version 3, but we don’t have precise wording in mind yet.

In the mean time, you might want to use the Affero GPL for programs designed for network server use. "

How does this all fit together? Are they able to charge a license per extension because they are offering updates and web/sql server hosting (hybrid model) ??..and if someone modifies a GUI as part of an complete open source system and sells it, are they required to release the modified GUI source under the GPL?

Thanks for any clarification.

Matthew Martin
Virtual Call Center Solutions

only ce is based on freepbx as far as I know