[Question] Redirect an inbound call to our other DID

Looking for the best way to approach this. We are a call center that handles mostly outbound calls. However, occasionally the places we call will call us back using the number we called them from instead of the number they are told to use to call us back on.

I call Bob, using our 555-123-1234 (Outbound) number. We talk and then end call, Bob forgot to ask me something so he simply calls me back to the 555-123-1234 number when he should have called me back on 555-123-5678 (Inbound) number.

I can think of a few ways to handle this,

  1. Ask our trunk provider to configure our outbound numbers with a redirect to our ‘inbound’ numbers.
  2. Create an inbound route for all of our outbound numbers, which is a ton of numbers.
  3. Is there a way to tell freepbx, if it receives a call from 555-123-1234 to redirect it to 555-123-5678 without creating an inbound route?
  4. Another way I don’t know of?

Any thoughts on how I should handle this?
Thank you for your time!

You could create a dynamic route that evaluates the ${FROM_DID} and routes it to an alternative path.
Dynamic Routes Module - PBX GUI - Sangoma Documentation (atlassian.net)

You could send the calls from 555-123-1234 to a IVR directory.
Directory Module User Guide - PBX GUI - Sangoma Documentation (atlassian.net)

If your provider allows it you could set CID globally in either outbound routes or trunks to "Company Inc." <555-123-5678>

I actually LOVE the Dynamic Route idea. However, I can’t seem to get it to work,

if I call the Match number from my cell, in my example is 555-123-1234, I still get the message number not in service so it’s not being sent to the Destination of the Dynamic Route. (I’m using our real number for my testing, lol fyi)


I don’t understand why you have a large number of DIDs that don’t already have inbound routes. DIDs are inbound numbers, by definition.

You would have to look at the log and see what is being presented in the system.

Providing Great Debug - Support Services - Sangoma Documentation (atlassian.net)

Because as I said in my original post, we’re a call center that primarily does outbound calls, I would say we ae 90/10 - Outbound/Inbound. We’re contracted by other companies to call their clients so we have to have a CNAM for each company we call on. The requirements from our clients are that we must call their clients from the same area code in which their company is located.

We have 10 DIDs in the area code for Acme Company using CNAM ACME CO
We have 10 DIDs in the area code for Bravo Company using CNAM BRAVO CO
(we assign one of the DIDs per company as their Inbound number and use their others for outbound)

Agent A today is on Acme clients, when they call those clients it will show the correct CNAM
Agent B today is on Bravo clients, when they call those clients it will show the correct CNAM

I might not be making much since on this as I suck at communicating lol, but hey, if there is a better way in which to do these calls, I’m more than happy to look at it.

Edit: Forgot to mention, I understand what you are saying and maybe I should just go ahead and create the inbound routes for the ‘outbound’ DIDs… After thinking about that probably is best practice after all. thanks!

Will do, I just wanted to verify everything I set in the Dynamic Route appears to be correct?

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