Question re: FQDN

I am looking to get a bit of information in hopes of finding a standard, or at least something close.

What do most of you use as the syntax for your FQDN? Is it something like sangoma".“yourdomain”."com?

The next question is, for a security purposes, should a stand even be considered?

Thanks in advance,

Security? For what? No one scans FQDN’s.
The bots run every possible IPv4 address/port combination on the internet as often as they can.

To answer the first question, I use

Thanks so much for your response.

A note on this. If you are worried about security (as Jared points out), the FQDN of your server is by a quantum factor to least important thing you need to consider. The FreePBX Wiki has a lot of good information about using your system in a secure way, including limiting access to your SIP port to VERY specific IP addresses and using VPNs for “local” access to phones outside your current network.

Thank you so much for your response and I agree, the WIKI is full of great and very useful information.

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