Question on Non-Centos Development

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Hi Franck, aka @fdanard , comment ça va ?

In the interest of those not wanting to be hamstrung in any way either now or down-line, have you/Sangoma considered a non OS specific environment so Raspberry’s, Debian and other annoyingly different thingies can also participate? ( If you did, ! would love to . . . )

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I can probably do up some instructions on setting up a debian (likely Ubuntu) environment. Most of the development I do now outside of FreePBX is in debian based docker containers.

The primary reason for the distro requirement is mostly for support tickets and obviously commercial modules. You obviously aren’t developing for their commercial modules so that doesn’t apply to you.

The only place this might get sticky is if you have to run a system command. For example you may need to consider versions of a command like tar which could bsdtar or gnutar. Centos may have an antiquated version of something so it is missing arguments etc.

If you are using pure pho or JavaScript these aren’t necessarily issues

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Happy Birthday Dicko. I forgot to wish you, sorry :wink:

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HI James.
Your analysis is correct.

There’s a procedure for the Non Distro. (For my part, I never tested yet)

What we mean for Non Distro?
We mean another O.S?
What’s the kind of O.S?

  • Ubuntu.
  • Debian.
  • Fedora.
  • Suse
  • Centos
  • Gentos.
  • Free-BSD.
  • Raspberry
  • Solaris (I joke here :rofl: ).
  • Everything under Linux (Unix) which can be installed with Asterisk compatibility?

How to spend the time for each one of O.S?
There will be always an O.S outside the list and maybe with this list, no way to be compatible without major change.
In this case, do something for a root of OS?

  • Debian. (Parent for: Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Raspberry …Etc)
  • Fedora. (Parent for: Centos, Redhat, …Etc)

I can start a discuss with my managers about that. Why not.
However, your question is relevant.

BTW, there’s a procedure to install a FreePBX system under Ubuntu.
So, is it possible to adpat it to a dev system?

@lgaetz @mattf

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