Question on how to roll calls in regional office senario?


I just set up a box and have some basic office extensions on it. Working great for the corporate extensions.

I am about to work on the County office extensions and wanted to get some feedback on the best way to go about this…

We have Regional Offices and then satellite offices that are handled by each of the regional.

Each office Regional and satellite have DID numbers.

Management wants it so that Whenever you call one of the satellite DIDs it will just ring to the regional office its assigned to. The sat offices will still need to make outbound calls…Just not ring unless you dial their internal extension.

I am also trying to see how we would have it go to our answering service if the regional office doesn’t pick up the call (I think I can do this with a ring group and just put the answering service extension last in the list).

The last gotcha is to do a timing thing with the timing groups/conditions. How could I set it up to only do the time condition with the offices and not the corporate office extensions? They want the calls to ring the region offices between 7:30am and 5pm Mon-Fri and all other time just go straight to answering service.

I am trying to get my feet wet and I just cant wrap my head around how to do this the best most efficient way.