Question - FreePBX and Busy Box Linux

Hello Group,

I am looking for help on how to go about installing FreePBX on Busy Box Linux, is there anyone who can help me. Are there any other operating systems that are very similar to what Busy Box is that I could read through their documentation on for further help, if not available here? I was thinking that maybe Debian is very close to what Busy Box is?


busybox is a shell, like bash. It is used in many linux distributions and embeded platforms but from what I can tell they do not produce their own linux distribution.

As @jfinstrom says.

It is adequate to run a laamp stack (necessary for Asterisk/FreePBX), it is not however adequate to build one, you will have to cross-compile on a more capable machine.

Hello Guys,

Thank you for your replies, and appreciate your time. I don’t have the technical knowledge about linux/unix like you guys do, but have done a little ssh and command line over the past several years so I have a little bit of an ‘idea whats going on’.

jfinstrom, I am not sure what “Shell” and “Bash” are, guess I will have to google those. As far as Busy Box being their own linux distribution, best I can tell they do. Reason I say that is because when I log into the device via SSH it states that it is equipped with Busy Box Version 1.16.1 built in Shell (Ash). I am able to install programs on this device within this Busy Box program.

dicko, I am totally confused by what you said. Sorry. : (


You will usually find busy-box on very under-powered hardware, If you want to follow one of the recipes to install FreePBX, I am pretty sure that ash will not work for you or your chosen shell to do that, either install bash or patch every script you use to work around installing anything anywhere where ash lacks basic function.

So tell us exactly what hardware you have, what OS it is running and by what method you intend to install Apache,PHP,MYSQL and Asterisk.

Hello dicko,

I had forgotten to attached a screen shot of my ssh login on my previous reply. I added it in, take a look above.

The device I am working with is a Synology DiskStation Model DS1515+

The above url will take you to Synology’s website and show you information on this device.

This Synology device should be more than enough to do what I want using Asterisk and FreePBX.

I already have Asterisk version 13 installed through their package center, it automatically installed Asterisk by clicking on the “Install” button in the package center. I just don’t like the GUI that comes with Asterisk and would like to install and use the FreePBX GUI in its place. Trying to figure out how to go about doing a manual installation of FreePBX on this device until Synology decides to add it to their list of packages.


Sorry, that is a completely proprietary ecosystem you are working with, you will have to rely on their support. But good luck.

dicko you sure gave up on me awful quickly! You mean to tell me that you know absolutely nothing about the operating system that Synology is using on this device or not even willing to try and help? It is very obvious that they are using Busy Box, perhaps modified version of Busy Box, but none the less Busy Box, it even states Busy Box when I login to SSH as shown in the screen shot image. Is there ANYONE here willing to help me out. I will take ANY help I can get.


Correct, it is a niche market , possibly with niche help, but I know nothing about it and have no intention of finding out, sorry :wink:

Busy box is not an operating system. Busy Box is a shell. You seem to be unsure of the differences between the two, so if I may offer a car-like comparison, A shell is like a steering wheel in a car. It has no relevance to what is under the hood, how many wheels the car has, or even if it’s a car at all!

However, to expand on that, busybox is more like a motorcycles handlebars, than a cars steering wheel. It’s possible to put motorbike handlebars in a car, but it would be pretty silly, and awkward.

So, we know that because you’re using Busybox, this is a motorbike. This motorbike doesn’t have the required number of wheels, nor the trunk space, or the passenger capacity required for FreePBX.

Makes sense now?

Hi Rob, Thank you for your reply, appreciate your time responding.

Yes you are correct, I am very unsure of the differences. I know a little about linux from my web hosting days working with the servers but by far an advanced user of it and never heard of the terminology you guys mentioned called shell, bash and laamp stack so it makes it hard to understand what you guys are trying to tell me. I tried to follow along with the car steering wheel and motorcycle handle bars example but that confused me even more. Sorry : (

What I am really not understanding is that if Busy Box is a Shell and not an operating system, how is Synology able to get this device using Busy Box to install and run several programs like PHPBB, PhpMyAdmin, MariaDB, Webalizer, Perl, a Mail Server, a VPN Server, TomCat, Wordpress, and several other programs on it? I also have ASTERISK Version 13 installed and running on it, but if Busy Box is NOT an operating system how in the world is Synology able to get Asterisk to run on it???


it apparently uses ipkg maybe they have a bash package, but you are asking in the wrong forum, go to the synology one, we all have bash here and you will need that or rewrite the FreePBX install script, you will also need php >= 5.3 and either mysql or fight mariadb differences, most any web server will work with a little massageing

And THERE’S the bit. Synology do it. Which is why we keep sending you back to them.

Don’t know how you can make that comment that you keep sending me back to them when this is the first and only post I have ever made on this forum.

Forget it guys, its not worth the effort trying to install FreePBX on my Synology Device. I will either use Asterisk and the Asterisk GUI that I already have or use a different device and system for FreePBX or just trash can the whole idea of wanting to use FreePBX !

Thanks Anyway for trying…




And then I sent you there too. Because, as you said:

Because… it’s their device.

The assumption usually is, if you want to install something, especially from source and ‘by hand’, you need to know what you are doing (know what the system really is, know where the kernel is, know which binary is the shell, and what does what, and where it is set up) which you don’t seem to. Just a post of picture your ssh session does not really count as helpful data, sorry.
(laamp stands for linux, asterisk, apache, mysql, perl/python/php, by the way.)
Yes it may seem harsh, to you. But you need to assume that nobody here has the same system / board, and no one knows how to do what’s needed ‘the Synology way’ - but you can and should find that out yourself, try doing something by yourself first - and come here for tips on ‘concrete’ steps you have problems with. Start with determining FreePBX list of software and hardware requirements and ways to get these on to your system. (It’s probably in the wiki, somewhere)
(if you need some hookups or to look into how others did this, try googling for FreePBX in Raspberry PI, or maybe PIAF…)
And/or go to Synology forums, maybe they can have a look at FreePBX and come with ways to help you install it.
Get to know your system and don’t give up on the effort… because who knows, maybe it would be worth it in the end ?
But you can’t just assume /someone/ will do your homework for you, this forum or any other.