Question about the FreePBX appliances

So I have a bit of an odd situation. I do a little consulting work and in the past always used the old Cudatel products. I knew them and they were easy but with their exit from the appliance market it’s looking like this will be my new home for phone systems. I have a client that needs a ton of extensions/users but only 3-5 simultaneous calls at a time. I’m thinking I can get away with the PBX40 as that’s rated for 30 simultaneous calls. They aren’t going to have much in the way of voicemail so the disk size isn’t a concern. Are there hard limits on the number of users on the boxes and has anyone exceeded the 40 user limit by that much? This is where my cudatel past comes back to bite me. I figured finding a system like the old Cuda 160/170 would be easy but most other systems seem to want per user licensing and in this case that would drive the cost up enormously.

90+% of the users will consist of an extension that points out to their cell phone number. The extension only exists for the receptionist to transfer the occasional call to the office out the field agents.

If this isn’t the place to ask about the appliances feel free to point me elsewhere.


No their are no limits on users. We just publish recommended users/call concurrency recommendations with call concurrency being the big one as that is what we load test on.