Question about SysAdmin Pro Updates

I am running latest FreePBX 14 beta (3, w/ Asterisk 14) and just received an email letting me know that there are upgrades for 25 modules. I went to check to see if another beta was released but there hasn’t been. Does the SysAdmin Pro upgrade just to official releases or will it upgrade individual modules? If it’s the latter, do these upgrades break things from the official stable/beta releases?

I know it’s not in your interest but is it easy to upgrade manually? Would I just run: yum update, yum upgrade, yum update modulename, etc?

sysadmin pro has had no work done for FreePBX 14 at this time. All updates to Beta 14 are handled in module admin for modules and yum update from CLI for everything else.

Tony, I’m not seeing an update/upgrade action through Module Admin. Thoughts/suggestions?

Not sure what you mean. You need to hit the check online for upgrades. If you see no ugprades that means none exist.

Are you sure you’re looking in the right place? There’s a ‘System Updates’ and ‘Module Updates’ tab in 14.

Ok Rob way to spoil things with the new system updater in 14. I was not aware it was released yet. Guess even I learn things in the forums.

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I’m not finding the screen you have anywhere. Exactly how did you get there?

If you’re running Framework 14.0.1b5 or higher, it should be there. The latest framework is b8, I think, so you’ll need to go to the normal module admin page and update there first.

Admin -> Module Admin -> Check online -> Upgrade all.

Thanks Rob. That did the trick. FYI, what was installed for Framework from the latest beta (3) was an alpha.

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