Question About Queues

Is there a way to select a custom destination based on a condition? What I am trying to accomplish is to call a ring group for about 15 seconds, and then transfer them to a queue if no one answers. However, if someone is currently in the queue or on a queue call, I don’t want the call to initially hit the ring group, but go straight to the queue. That way no one in the queue gets cut in front of. Also if there is any other way of configuring the system so that it solves a problem similar to this I am open to suggestions, seems to be more of a logic problem than anything.

The Ringdale PBX Administrator’s Guide has a very good section on Queues (page 80) that may answer your question.

you probably need to provide a few more details to get other ideas spurred.

for example, here is a solution that would address your issue if you are happy to only try a single ringgroup member:

  1. Send call to ringgroup
  2. Set ringgroup to “firstnotonphone”
  3. Set destination to the queue

this will result in the ringgroup hunting for the first phone in the list that is not on the phone. (Even if they have a multi-line phone, it will not ring them if they are on the phone). If it finds an idle phone it will ring the phone for the configured time. If the phone does not answer, it will go to the queue.

So this may solve your problem, or it may not if you are not happy with it only ringging a single phone in the ringgroup.

However … you may want to elaborate why you want it to go to the ringgroup at all, since it sounds like the desired logic could skip the ringgroup all together.