Question about incoming calls

I have 4 pstn lines and i want to set it up that when someone call me on specific number that call is routed to specific extension.

Atm whatever number u call they all ring at one specific extension. I want to make that for example when u call number 2977001 extension 100 rings and when u call 2977002 extension 200 rings and when u call 297703 ivr answers.

Can someone help me with info how to do this.

Thank you.


I assume you have some sort of TDM card in the machine. If not, none of this applies.

Go to the trunks section of FreePBX and delete the Zap g0 trunk. Then create Zap trunks 1,2,3,4. Just put the number in the Zap Identifier blank. Now go to the FreePBX section that assigns DID’s to Zap channels and assign your DID to the appropriate lines (Zap Trunks). Finally, create an inbound routes for the DID’s you created and point it where I want it to ring.

Yes i did that but when i enter DID number in freePBX trunk interface it simply doesnt answer any calls. If DID and CID field are empty it works normaly and it rings on designated extension but when i enter number in DID it doesnt answer at all. Does it have to do sometheing maybe that i am using misd and custom trunk and not zap?

I am not familiar with misd.

Since you can make it answer calls, fire up your CLI and watch as a call comes in (or search through the logs). See what DID is being delivered.

Standard Zap (POTS) lines do not deliver any DID info here in the US. That is why FreePBX has the ability to add them to make DID routing work.

you missed the change that needs to happen to the /etc/zapata.conf and/or the other included files where each zap channel is defined.

Each channel you wantto handle different then another needs to be assigned to a seperate group. The line you need to add is group=# where # is the zap group number. Number 0 will get Zap/G0,…

When you do this you need to reload zaptel drivers and asterisk will then see it so that freepbx can see the seperate groups.