Question about how to set Dial Patterns correctly

Dear Community,

we used FreePBX in Germany with Asterisk 14.
For our Extensions we used the Numbers 1-125. We connect and use 1 Sip-Trunk for External Calls.
On this SIP-Trunk i have set up the Dial Pattern as follows (Only one Rule):
-Prefix: 0
-Match Pattern: .X

Normal Phone Numbers in Germany look like this: 030-12345678
With the Pattern Rule Users have to dial “0” extra to call outbound. This is the same Configuration of our old Telephone Stage bevore and for us correctly so.
We used SNOM-Phones. My Problem is as follow. When a extern call goes to a SNOM Phone you can see in Display the Number: 030-12345678. This is correctly, but you can’t redial this Number from Phone Menue, because it fails while the Number hasn’t the second “0” at the beginning. To call external the Number must look like this one: 0030-12345678.
Now my Question, is it possible to set up the Dial Pattern that i have both Functions? I need Rules that make Calls possibily with and without the 2nd “0” at the beginning of the Number.

Thanks a lot! Greetings

Unfortunately it is not possible, even in theory, to allow dialing all numbers both with and without the extra 0. For example, 0 0331 74036878 is a valid number in Potsdam, with the extra 0. But 00 33 1 74036878 is a valid number in Paris, without the extra 0.

IMO you have three choices. My personal preference would be to convert your system to operate without the extra 0. Of course, you would have to train your associates to use the new format. In the long term, dialing the same way as from landline and mobile phones will reduce confusion and errors. At least for a while, consider putting a password on your international route, because people will start with 00 (from habit) and some of those calls could be expensive. Also, make sure that 112 and 0112 both work (as well as other emergency numbers).

Alternatively, you could leave the dial plan as it is, but rewrite the caller ID on incoming calls to include the extra 0. This might cause some devices to format the number incorrectly. Also, you would need to update any directories you may use for displaying the caller’s name or integrating with CRM for the new format.

Or, you could implement a system where the extra 0 is optional on domestic calls but required for international calls. Aside from being a ‘kludge’, your call logs will have some entries in two formats for the same number, which may be a problem if e.g. you are trying to track how much time is spent with each customer.

Hi Stewart1,

thanks a lot for your answer. I understand now why it is not possible to use both Rules.
I think the easyest way it is to add a extra 0 via rewriting the Caller ID. Please, can you help me how can i do that?

If you are looking to add a 0 to the incoming calls caller ID, take a look at the set CID module, you can add a 0 there.

Great! Thanks a lot!

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