Question about how to make Ext. for fax

Hi guys ,
i’m new in astiresk and freePBX and i need to ask how i can make extation for fax like when system answer the phone and say the welcome msg then say 1 for sales 2 for support and 3 for fax when the caller press 3 he will go to hear fax and make astiresk ready to receive fax in the same line no. not send him to another no.

there a function called faxreceive i think i have never used

Inbound faxing support is in FreePBX 2.9, using the fax module. Under the Extension there is are settings for Fax. Click enable, then put in the email that extension should send faxes to.

After setting up a user to receive faxes, you should have a Dropdown for Fax and that user anywhere you can choose a destination.


Which is the more modern way to do it? The Dial System Fax feature code, or the set-up a fax extension method?

Hi, Are we supposed to be able to send faxes out of the ARI portal without purchasing the Fax Pro module from Schmooze?

Thanks for this post. I was finally able to figure out how to receive inbound faxes!

@AdHominem, the more modern way is to setup a fax extension, which was part of our rewrite to faxing.

@franklin, we only contributed inbounding faxing back to FreePBX. If you need outbound faxing, our Fax Pro module provides a solution to it, however it is not included without the module being licensed from Schmooze.

Can you provide a little bit more information on how to make this work on an extension basis? I checked the fax box on one of my SIP extensions and found that it made no difference. Calls continued to route to the extension, and not to a fax tone. Then I created a custom extension and checked the box, and found that calls still didn’t reach a fax tone.

What’s the secret?

Never mind. Figured it out. Checking the box creates a new destination type “Fax Recipient,” which then gives a pull-down for extensions with the Fax feature enabled.

I have fax inbound working using the fax recipent extension but only with SIP trunks, I have not been able to get it to work with IAX2 trunks. I am using Digiums Fax for Asterisk on my system. Any one else experienced this?

How are you using IAX? As an inbound trunk? If so what is at the other end?

I would think you’d want to send the call to an Inbound Route that had IAX fax detection. Either that, or you’d have to send a call from your Inbound to and IAX extension. Are you doing that?

Also if you want outbound fax and don’t want pro, Hylafax is a great solution with IAX extensions and iFax’s web management.