Question about FreePBX and user permissions

Hello good morning,

Anyone knows if is possible to assign different admin permissions inside the different tabs of FreePBX

There are 3 groups of extensions which belong to 3 different enterprises:

  • Enterprise A: Ext. 100 to 199
  • Enterprise B: Ext. 200 to 299
  • Enterprise C: Ext. 300 to 399

If each enterprise has 1 admin (Admin A, Admin B and Admin C), it would be possible to do this from FreePBX GUI?
Admin A only can acces to the tab Extensions: 100-199
Admin B only can acces to the tab Extensions: 200-299
Admin C only can acces to the tab Extensions: 300-399

It would be very interesting to have this characteristic implemented on FreePBX

It is not possible for an Admin to have limited access to some extensions, but a UCP user can. If whatever you need to do can be done with UCP, then you can limit access to extensions there.

Umh, and from the UCP the user can have acces to another tabs like:

  • Time conditions
  • Time groups
  • Queues
  • Ring groups
  • IVR

It would be very interesting to have independent access for different admins to different tabs, not only to extensions tab


You want a multi-tenant solution which FreePBX doesn’t do.

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Any plans to change this at some point?
Multi tenant is something a lot of people want to do and the issue comes up a lot.

I think asterisk is not way to handle multi tenant PBXs, maybe you can add Kamailio in front. If it is an could based PBX, you can create one instance for one company.

No. It actually doesn’t come up as much as you think.

With Class of Service you can get 95% of the way to multi-tenant, but there are a bunch of edge cases that complicate things and the work to get the remaining fraction far outweighs just setting up a new VM per tenant.

And following on from @lgaetz 's comment, put all them PBI’s behind a true SIP Proxy ( I prefer Kamailio ) the whole shebang can be virtualized ( I prefer ProxMox use ZFS and glusterfs and you can add a true HA with fail-over very cheaply , just some time :slight_smile: ) Backups, snapshots , clones are all then a GUI click away. and you can do all your trunking for them through the Proxy.