Question about drivers and RAID

The latest Dell servers have drivers built for RHEL8 and onward and don’t seem to support CentOS7/SNG7. I know the R350 doesn’t play nice, as other threads have shown.

Has anyone else run into this issue on servers where you would like to configure RAID? An issue I ran into is that the installer can’t see the disks. Not much of a hardware guy, so you may need to dumb down your answer.

Are you configuring a hardware raid on the server, or software raid on Sangoma 7 (CentOS)?

I am super not familiar with Dell hardware driver support for Linux but if I was in your shoes I would not rely on the Dell Hardware RAID for this. I would expose the drives directly to the OS and setup software RAID in the OS.

@comtech either or

You may have luck setting up a Hypervisor host instead and setting up SNG7 as a VM.

The alternative option would be if you don’t need commercial modules then you can just install OSS FreePBX instead on a newer linux OS.


Seconded for virtualization, makes it easier to move around in the future as well.

Any suggestions on a good hypervisor for this type of configuration?


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