Question about breakout IVR

Hello again,

I have a sales queue with a breakout IVR menu.
The IVR is there really for those who do not wish to hold so they can instead leave a voicemail.

Option 1 --> Voicemail
Option 2 --> Coninue holding… I set this to queue/sales queue

This all works ok, but the problem is

When a user chooses to ‘continue holding’ they are actually being pushed back to teh end of the queue. I can see the logic of why this is happening but obviously want to find a way around it.

Is there a way from an IVr to return to where you were in the queue, and maintain your queue position.



give them only one option, to break out and go to voicemail, or otherwise continue holding. Sending them back in with the same position is not possible (or at least not easily). You could raise their priority but then they may jump the queue that way so the best is to say keep holding or press 1 to leave a message…

Ok Thanks Philippe,

I sent a donation the other day btw :wink: