Queeue light blinking red on phone

How do I turn it off from blinking red on a Sangoma phone for the queue app. Driving everybody nuts here.

If you are talking about Phone Apps, you can try Admin > Phone Apps > Queues > BLF = No.

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I updated per your solution. Do I need to rebuild config and push to phone or do we need to restart restapps ?

Rebuilt config just for the heck of it and rebooted phone. The blf light still blinks red even though I turned it off. I am assuming I need to restart restapps? What is the command for that?

fwconsole restart restapps

What will that bring down our system or wont have any impact on calls?

Shouldn’t have any impact on calls.

Thanks, really appreciate it.

I have BLF No on the queue settings under phone apps. I restarted restapps however the queue light still flashes red.

Then you might want to contact support.

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