Quality of Service (QOS)- Seeking Advice

I’m looking for some advice into a QOS issue. Here is my network setup:

Cisco DPC3825 Router / Cable Modem
Nortel Busines Ethernet Switch 50 (BES50FE)
Cisco SPA3102 ATA - for Panasonic KX-TGA601CM cordless analog phones
FreePBX 13.049 / Version 10.13.66-6 on a dedicated laptop
1 x Nortel 1140E phone.

Complaints of low volume, jitter and fading in and out when using the analog phones.

What piece of equipment should I target in order to improve the QOS (Quality of Service)?

I believe QOS is controlled by the BES50. If it is, does anyone have experience or notes on the settings I should use to improve the call quality?
Any other areas or equipment I should target?

Thanks in advance for taking the time to read and respond to my question.

I don’t have any of that equipment, but I think we can narrow that down to the ATA, at least for the volume (low and fading in and out). There may be a setting to amplifiy the analog signal a bit.

As for the jitter, there are settings in FreePBX to work with that (SIP Settings), and more liklly, if the jitter is on the outside (WAN) of the router/modem then likely Bandwidth shaping is going to be your answer. if it’s on the inside (LAN) then some QOS settings (DSCP et al.) on the switches is were you want to look.

Hello Marc
Thanks for your response.

  • I’ve enabled IP DSCP on the Nortel BES
  • Adjusted the SIP to PSTN & PSTN to SIP gain to a value of “2” on the SPA3102 ATA.
  • Adjusted the FXS Output Gain and FXS Input Gain to a value of “1” on the SPA3102 ATA

I’ll continue to monitor.