Quality issues

Hi Guys,

I’d just like some comments on our current setup and if possible some pointers on the quality problems we are having.

We have the following setup:

Two phone servers linked via Dundi using freepbx and asterisk

One in the UK on a leased line: (20MB up/20MB down)
The server in the UK uses Gradwell for outbound calls in the UK and SIPTraffic (gold) for everywhere else. We also use gradwell and voip.ms for inbound calls on this pbx. The server is a quad core with plenty of ram and is never under any load. On this server (locally) we have around 10 phones connected to it via SIP (a mix of Aastra 6757i and Cisco 7940) and a few remote users. There are issues with calls cutting out for around a second (sometimes less) and cutting back in again. Does anyone know where I should start debugging this problem?
The home users also experience quality issues outbound (they can hear people fine but their voice is choppy), could this issue be related to the codec in use?

The other phone server is in California (same spec) on a comcast business cable connection (internet connection: 20MB down/10MB up) with around the same amount of users (and around 6 remote users) and experiences the same problem with calls cutting out every so often. Remote users have an even bigger problem (the cutting out is more frequent). We use Vitelity and SIPTraffic in the US and voip.ms for inbound calls.

It doesn’t seem to matter which provider is in use, these problems seem to happen with all of them.

After searching around It appears that this may be a timing or codec issue, does anyone have any comments or a similar setup?

Hi tadpole,

I am also having a similar issue. Asterisk+Freepbx is set up on a vps system located at TX. The SIP trunk is provided by SIPStation with a DID alloted from Dallas. While trying to make a call to NewJersey, every 5 minuts the call cuts out for a second or so exactly like yours. I had a strange problem yesterday when the outgoing calls to the same number was getting disconnected exactly after 30 seconds. Currently only 4 extensions used and only one of those used for testing purpose.

CPU load is fine and I am yet to get a solution for the intermittent break.

Were you able to fix the issue ? Please share.