Qualify Problems for Some SIP Devices

We’re on FreePBX with Asterisk 11.20.0

We recently realized we could not make calls to two extensions/devices.

In Asterisk/Peers, the devices showed no IP, and were listed as “UNKNOWN”.

Long story short, I read somewhere that it may be a Qualify problem, so I sent qualify to no for both extensions, and after a restart of the devices, they’re working now, but asterisk peers shows them as unmonitored.

Question is, what is causing this? We have hundreds of other phones that aren’t having this issue. We usually refer to the Peers to troubleshoot, so not seeing that a given extension’s device is “OK” is not comforting. Any ideas?

No ideas anyone? I have noticed that this is limited to one of our smaller servers, while we have well over 150 extensions on other servers.

I seem to be having the same issue. We are running exactly the same version of FreePBX. It is affecting roughly 3 out of 150 extensions. Resetting the extension only brings it up until the next registration occurs and then it becomes UNKNOWN again. I fixed one by deleting the extension and re adding it again.

Is anyone else seeing the same issue?

Same version, same problem…

Interesting. Under System Admin->Updates, Current Version shows 6.12.65-30, but 6.12.65-31 is available. It is currently stuck in the “Upgrade in progress” status, and has been for some time, but I’m wondering if once I update is manually this issue will go away. I’ll keep you all updated.

Yours problem must be this


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I believe you are correct. My systems that are not experiencing this issue are on an older version of asterisk, like 11.16.0

I am currently running the upgrade track to FreePBX 13, hoping it includes the bug fixes for this asterisk 11.20.0 problem. If not, I’m going to give asterisk 13 a shot with the asterisk-version-switch command.

So I upgraded about 14 hours ago, and have seen consistent connectivity between endpoints! so, if you need a quick fix, upgrade to FreePBX 13.

Note, that my Grub loader, or whatever the OS loader is that comes with the FreePBX distro, had an OS option at top after the upgrade (which asks you to reboot your box) that obviously automatically boots (as it is first on the list), and it kept giving me fatal kernel error. I simply chose the second Grub option, and FreePBX booted just fine, and upgraded as expected. Not sure what the problem is, just letting you all know in case you run into the same issue. I am curious what the new primary option was though, and why it wont boot with it.