Q xact reports

installed q xact reports and am trying to put together a report that shows all queue activity since the beginning of the year. there are four queues, but only two show up in the report option. there are also around 20 agents but only 6 show up in the report. running a report for month (jan 1- jan 27) gives the same data as running the report for today.
the system is running PBX Firmware: 6.12.65-31 i cant figure out how to get the other queues or agents added to the report. isymphony shows that one queue has had over 400 calls, but qxact, regardless of the time internal shows only 6

It can only know about data it has received since it was licensed. The data is not stored anywhere without the module

so does that mean that the queues and agents it finds are the only ones that have received calls since the module was installed and that as the days progress more queues and agents will start showing up?