Q-Xact Reports: Agent Not Showing Up (after 2 weeks)

I have customer who uses Schmooze Q-Xact reports to build per-agent reports from their call queues. There’s an agent who has been added to their “Sales” queue and has been receiving calls for the past several weeks, but isn’t showing up in the Q-Xact reports, but is in the regular CDR reports. Is there something else that needs to be done when adding a new agent except add them to the regular FreePBX queue for them to show up in the Q-Xact logs?

I realize from reading Q-Xact documentation, that the agent won’t show up until there’s data pertaining to them in the Q-xact database, but after 2 weeks and active use of the queue, I’d think she’d be in there now, if things working correctly.

We restarted the system the FreePBX system is hosted on, but so far that hasn’t made difference, although I haven’t confirmed the agent has taken calls since the reboot.

I’ve looked through the actual qxact_agent_calls table in the asterisk MySQL database and indeed don’t see the agent listed at all.

Then something is not getting the data into the queue logs. Do you see info on the agent in /var/log/asterisk/queue.log

Tony, Thanks for responding. I checked the queue logs and indeed the agent is not showing up in the logs. Is there a known cause for this when an agent has been added to the queue?

Eric H

Are you getting other log information in their?

Yeah, it shows logs for the other agents names. Just not that one.

Any ideas Tony? I can send a screen shot of the queue in FreePBX and the logs with names mostly obscured, but what I’m wanting to know is the proper procedure for adding someone to the queue so that they’ll show up in Q-Xact reports/the queue logs. If there’s nothing special other than adding their extension to the queue, then maybe something’s amiss, but if there’s a step we’re missing, that is what I’m looking for.