Q-xact or queue reporting user access


I’m hosting multi-tenant freepbx in the cloud and I’ve got one client who wants queue reporting reports, so I think I’ll get the queue reporting or qxact module (what’s the deal with that? are they one in the same? or if I’m using freepbx does it have to be queue reporting and if I’m using pbxact it has to be qxact? Please explain), but then the client threw a monkey wrench in my plan, I would run a report and send it to him once/mo, but what if he wants to be able to pull his own reports…I know this is asking a lot but, can i grant him access to pull queue reports on my multi tenant freepbx only for his extensions and did’s? (I don’t and he doesn’t want to see other client’s freepbx extensions/did’s on his report)

As long as he’s the only one using queues, you should be able to give him that much access using an Admin account. The problem I think you’re going to find is that he’s going to be able to access all of your customers’ queue performance, which will probably not make your other clients happy.

Multi-tenant with FreePBX is a challenge. This is one of the easy ones, but I don’t think you can get where you want to go without writing your own queue reports.

Yeah, that’s not going to work for me…I don’t want him to see other clients stuff. Maybe I’ll just stick him on his own fpbx vm.

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