Putting a delay before a pin announcement

I’ve password protected an outbound route used for international dialing, and the front end of the announcement is getting truncated. Users simply hear- “… followed by the # key”, not the full announcement. I’d like to add a processing delay to the pin authentication to hopefully keep the first part of the announcement from getting clobbered.

The [sub-pincheck] routine is within the protected extensions_additional.conf file. The routine’s first line includes [sub-pincheck-custom]. Does this already exist? Or will it need to be created and added to the extensions_override_freepbx file?

Thank you!

no it doesn’t exist but will be included if you put anything in there.
I’m assuming you are wanting to put a WAIT in before hand?

I would simply rerecord the system recording to save messing around with the config files. I’ve had to do this before on queue messages occasionally.

Yes I would like to use the WAIT command. Creating the custom sub would only constitute a few lines, probably just as easy (for me anyway) as recording a new message.

Are you confirming the custom sub would go into the extensions_override_freepbx file?

Done. I simply copied the existing [sub-pincheck] routine from the protected extensions_additional.conf file and pasted it into extensions_override_freepbx.conf, with the addition of the WAIT command line before the greeting.

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