Pushover / Email Notifications on extension ring


I’ve been having a look around for a solution but sadly I’ve not been able to.

Sometimes I work away from my phone and need to get a notification on another device to realise my phone is ringing.

At the moment, I already utilise Pushover for other use cases, so would it be possible to get a notification on Pushover when my extension rings?

Failing this, a email would be nice, but is slower to arrive.

Does anyone know of any solution to this issue?

Thank you all very much for your help :slight_smile:

Why not use the Find ME/Follow Me feature that’s part of FreePBX already?

Follow Me Module - PBX GUI - Documentation (freepbx.org)

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Thank you @dobrosavljevic and @comtech.

As far as I’m aware, the find me follow me module assumes you have access to a sip client, which in this case I do not. Im also unable to install one.
At the moment, I have pushover and email access on that device which I need to be notified on.

It’s not just for SIP clients. You can specify an external number that then will be called. Just append a # at the end of the number to indicate that it’s an external number.

if you don’t want to answer the call with something like a sip client and just want a notification then you can use generically superfecta which I think has pushover built in.

Also see Hooking for fun and income for hooking in to the dialplan

Yeah sadly I cannot use any phone device or external number

Ah lovely, I think I played around with that in the past but I’ll give it another visit. Hopefully that works for the incoming calls!

Hiya @jfinstrom,

It looks like this could be possible using Custom Destinations and Superfecta?

I have setup Superfecta with my Pushover details, now I just need a way to hook into it. Would I be able to put something into the target box to trigger it?

If so, would you happen to know what that could be? The guide you sent for this seems to suggest that Custom Destinations will work fine:

Thank you very much for your help!

Hiya! Any further help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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