Purchased paid epm but it is not showing up in the licenses

i just purchased sysadmin pro and the endpoint manager in the same transaction. invoice #894350. the admin pro module is enabled but all i have is the free version of the epm. i have tried updating the activation. as you can see from the invoice i was charged the $75 for the epm and $25 for sys admin pro. help!!

@bksales I happened to stumble across this post, took a look and resolve the issue with your order. Please update your license in order for the changes to be reflected. In the future the best way to reach out to us for something like this is to open a ticket at ussupport.sangoma.com.

thans for the quick response but after doing the update activation i still only see the sysadmin pro. no epm. if i go to the portal and look at the deployment it does show up. do i have to reboot the system?

um, now it is there. so i guess i am good to go. thanks again for the help

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