Purchase DID

How do we purchase DIDs now.
It asked for areacode plus exchange
Everything comes up with either an error or no number.

Has this service been shutdown.

This makes no sense at all. Who is programming this website?

I got an email with an area code extension to choose from via email.
Not sure what is going on, but it’s sad to see this.

We would use bandwith.com but they don’t support non static ips, so we are stuck for service.

I’m going to make an assumption here that your trying to purchase a DID through SipStation. If so you need to search by area code and local exchange via the website. Unfortunately you can’t search by just an area code at this time.

I’m also trying to purchase a DID through SipStation. While your clever comment about searching by area code and local exchange mimics exactly what the site says, I’d like to present to you the real issue:

What exchanges are available by area code? Seriously, do you expect me to sit and plug in all the various permutations possible for exchanges?

Do us all a favor and fix this! I’d like to purchase service, but cannot because I have no farking clue which exchanges are available by area code.

If I (and obviously others) are missing something, then you need to spell it out for us. Also, do us a favor and don’t make us go on the forum to find out how to farking buy service from you. ???

Simply searching by NPA really doesn’t do you a lot of good. I’d thing you’d want and NPA-NXX combo that would not be a toll call for your callers. For instance, if I simply searched by NPA, I might see that NXX of 544 is available. If I got a block of numbers with NPA-NXX of 601-544, I’d have numbers local to Hattiesburg, MS and not Vicksburg, MS.

You can easily determine which NPA-NXX combos are available in each location by going to www.area-codes.com.

Now. sambyrne, you’re extremely lucky that anyone answered your post, given your unprofessional and derogatory attitude. I usually see this kind of attitude in someone who is so unsure of himself and so little versed in the subject he is discussing that he must resort to these tactics to cover his own ignorance.

My $2.00 worth. It used to be 2 cents worth, but there’s inflation and a $1.90 tax on it.


My advice is to avoid sipstation. Too many horror stories with those guys. There is no shortage of better options out there. I know all this from first hand experience. Don’t walk away, run!

Congratulations Bill. Its obvious that you know more than I do about telecom.
Let me ask you this though: who should this service be catering to? Obnoxious jackasses like yourself or obnoxious end users like me?
If I have to go to the forum to ask how to sign up for service, then the sign up process is broken. No ifs, ands, or buts.

Now granted, setting up a pbx is no small undertaking, but even an obnoxious end user like myself (who is obviously no telecom expert…just ask Bill), is able to set up a pbx and even set up cursory security on it, so tell me, why is it that the FAQ has no information regarding which exchanges are available through sipstation? Why do you, Bill, think that your answer solves my issue? I should go to area-codes.com and spend 2 hours plugging in exchanges till I’m even more pissed off and ready to pull my hair out and I haven’t even signed up yet???

Tell you what Bill, you and your buddies at SipStation can keep this service all to your elitist selves. I’ll go find my SIP trunks elsewhere.

It seems that you’ve got the right idea.

Have any recommendations for better options? I’ve been using a local provider for a little while and their service has been ok, but I’m looking for better options. I thought that sipstation being baked into freepbx might be the right choice, but based on what I’ve seen so far, I’m thinking that its a mistake.


sambyrne - I have to admit that’s the first time I have ever seen Bill say something bad about anyone.

You did come out of the shoot with a chip on your shoulder.

No clearly the interface is useless the way it is. Keep in mind that FreePBX is selling you nothing. This is a sponsor without whom’s support you could not have a PBX for no cost.

I suggest you take it down a notch, you made need the help of these folks one cold dark evening when you machine is tits up.

Just remember what Confucious say “He who burns bridge falls in water and gets hit in head with burning bridge”

First off let me state that the FreePBX Development team does not run and is not involved in SipStation. SipStation is a service offered by Bandwidth.com for the benefit of the FreePBX community and anyone needing Sip Trunking service. With that said, we do our best around here to assist as much as we can not only with FreePBX issues. With that said, if your having issues with SipStation or making a purchase via their website, your best bet is to reach out to voip [at] freepbx [dot] com for support or to give them feedback.

I’ll have one more comment…then shut up. I do get a little peeved when I see someone bad mouth the support here. When I first started with this 10 years ago, there was little in the way of support. Most of us were guessing and trying to work things out on their own. First Mark of Linux Support Services (now Digium) wrote the asterisk platform and gave it away. Gradually the asterisk community coalesced particularly with folks like Kerry, Andrew ([email protected]) and Rob willing to share their expetise, then came along Phillipe and Tony who took over the FreePBX project. And, even though Trixbox is no more and there are various opinions as to how they managed everything, you can’t escape the fact that they were stewards of the project for several years and made valuable contributions to it.

Bandwidth came along and provided support for FreePBX. There is no requirement by them that you use their product. It is available if you wish to do so…at a reasonable price.

One of the reasons that FreePBX is free, and the prices for Sipstation are as reasonable as they are is that the end user is expected to be somewhat self reliant and to contribute something back to the project.

More than once in my 10 year asterisk/[email protected]/FreePbx experience, I’ve spent hours and hours trying to figure out how to get something done. Once or twice I’ve been working here at the office…5:00 got here and I kept working – Just another hour – next thing I knew, The building manager was opening up City Hall at 6:00 am for the days business. I’ve willingly shared my experiences and solutions. My efforts are insignificant when it comes to folks like Ward (PiAF) and Robert.

Just remember. As a user of FreePbx, Asterisk, (PiAF) or any of the myriad derivitives of then, that remain in the public domain you are not entitled to ANYTHING. By using them you take on the responsibility of becoming a member of the community and contributing something back. Not to simply complain.
When I pointed out the availability of area-codes.com, someone said “I don’t have time to fool with that.” So be it.


I mentioned a number of people as contributors to the project, all og whom I consider my mentors. I hate to mention names, because I will leave someone out. You know who you are. Thanks


How could I forget SkyKing and dicko!


Skyking… :wink:

This makes me laugh (now) because I remember you from over at the trixbox forums cussing out the a-holes on that forum as well when they were being demanding jerks…good times!

Anyway, you’re absolutely right that I jumped right out with a pretty caustic response, but it was intended for the guy that responded with the pat answer and Sipstation at large.

I’m not curious enough to figure out how Sipstation and freepbx are related, but (like I said earlier) when Sipstation is kind of baked into the freepbx interface I tend to conflate the 2 (probably wrongly).

Hey Bill,

No hard feelings please. I lashed out at you because you said I was inept. In reality, you’re right, but you should have just pointed my ill directed angst toward the proper target.

I truly do not harbor any animosity toward freepbx or you guys on the forum, so please don’t interpret these comments that way.

I should have known better than to be blasting away at someone on a forum that I discovered via google while trying to find an answer to a problem I was having, but I made the mistake of interpreting this thread as a way to voice my complaint about the terrible site that sipstation presents to users for purchasing DID’s.

Truly though, if someone here does maintain that site, then they need to fix it.

Sambryne - Yeah, you came into the forum and unknown and pissed off the nicest guy in the whole place. If you busted on me nobody would care they know I am an a**hole.

I don’t deserve to be included in Bill’s list. I just hung around a long time, shared what I figured out, tossed a little chump change around busted some chops.

Today is different. The folks on the FreePBX/Schmooze team have become good friends and trusted partners in my business. This is an amazing project with great people and Bandwith ne. SIP Station is an important corporate sponsor. I am sure that this will be brought to the attention of someone that can do something about it.