Pull TTS from web

I’m looking to pull open/close weather alerts from a simple web page for text to speech. So folks that do not have reliable internet access can call in and get that information.
I found some old references to this github (texttospeech, https://github.com/phwhite/texttospeech) that seems to have this ability, but following the install instructions didn’t work. Not sure it I should try to get it working or if there is a new/better way to accomplish this.


This is an amazing answer to your need. Very useful and adaptable. Thanks again @jersonjunior for making this. We use it a lot, everyday!

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+1 on Polly.

If you have difficulty building your apps, you might take a look at http://incrediblepbx.com/ . This is a fork of FreePBX that has several similar apps that work out-of-the-box. You dial an extension to hear weather reports, stock quotes, etc.

I strongly recommend against using it for a production PBX (IMO full of bloatware, misguided security model, won’t get support here), but you can install it in a VM or as an instance on your favorite cloud platform. Play with it, examine code, steal as desired (it’s all GPL), etc.

Incredible pbx is in no way a fork of freepbx. A fork branches the codebase and diverges from it. Incredible uses the well know advanced settings to change the freepbx branding and call it incredible pbx and then it pulls down all modules from Sangomas github repository for freepbx. Sangomas copyright is still in the footer of incredible pbx as well.

It’s not merely a rebranding; it is a derived work with added dialplan, iptables rules, shell scripts and other miscellaneous code (most of which is IMO misguided). Some of the additions were written by Mr. Mundy and some were cribbed from third parties.

However, I know nothing about the legal aspects, such as whether Mr. Mundy violated any license or other agreements in creating his offering.

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