Public Facing Asterisk/NATed Softphones. Setup Recommendations

I currently have a PIAF setup connected public facing at a data center. My softphones are located on a NATed network. Registration between the softphone and Asterisk is successful. The issues are #1 one way audio #2 Partial audio.
I’m a little confused at to what modifications must be made to allow for successful communication.
I am aware of other explanations but the issue I find is that the majority of asterisk boxes are behind a NAT and not at a data center public facing.
Thanking the community in advance,

So the PBX machine has a public IP, configure the ‘SIP Configuration’ on the Tools TAB for ‘Public IP’ , and set the NAT to No.

Also be sure that the router supports it well enough, some older routers firmware can have troubles with SIP/NAT

Also some logging info or network trace would help, try tcpdump on the linux commandline and see what happens.


I sure hope you have taken the time to secure the system with effective secrets, firewall and BFD or Fail 2 Ban to suppress brute force attacks.

No result with nat still enable on the remote extensions, Any recommendations on routers available in the US that are voip/asterisk friendly. Believe it or not when i disable the firewall on my current NAT router no audio at all.

F2B is enabled and all secrets contain # Symbol UPPER lower

What kind of router are you using? What type of connection will it be serving? What is your budget.

Do you have the public IP in the interface on tour server or are you running NAT in your router?

If you are running NAT you need to make sure you have externip and localnet set correctly.