PSTN POTS to VoIP change over

Good evening, looking for some guidance please. My broadband and PSTN connection is provided by ZEN. I take the PSTN connection from the Openreach Master socket (Openreach are the final mile provider), this connects to a FXO socket on my Sangoma Vega 60G Gateway. The Gateway connects to my Ubiquit Switch and gets an IP address from my Ubiquiti Router. My Sangoma FreePbx also gets an IP address from the router and connects to the Vega gateway over a SIP trunk. All incoming and outgoing calls work as expected. Yesterday Zen advised me that in a few months the PSTN POTs service will be ceased and PSTN will be via a VoIP connection. They want to send me a new router which will have support DECT as well as an Analogue connection. They will not give me their SIP settings and insist that I use their router (FRITZbox 7530), Has anyone else come across this, any thoughts on a work around would be appreciated.

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Just get a SIP Trunk from for example SipStation and setup in FreePBX and do away with their VOIP service all together… Easy. Only buy internet from them…

Now why didnt I think of that, cracking idea! Thanks

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Probably cheaper too… Sipstation trunks were $16.99 and $1.00 DID… Super cheap…

True, I am in the UK, its around £12 per month

You have many options:

  1. Connect the analogue port of the FRITZbox to the Vega.

  2. Set up the FRITZbox as a trunk on FreePBX. Though it’s possible that ZEN will somehow ‘lock down’ the box to prevent this, I have never heard of an ISP doing so.

  3. Ignore the ZEN trunk and get trunking service elsewhere. There are dozens of UK providers. Though I’m not UK based, I have an account with Voxbeam. A UK DDI is $0.80/mo.; outgoing calls are billed per minute at ~$0.005 to most landlines and $0.0091 to most mobiles. If your IPv4 address is not static or de facto static, look at their Localphone division (simpler but rates are somewhat higher). If they are unsuitable for your needs, a search will find many other choices.

As I understand it you are currently using a single analogue line. If you move over to using a sip trunk from another provider you may also get the benefit of having multiple lines on a single trunk at no extra cost.
The Vega will go and your points of failure and power consumption will go down.

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