PSTN + GSM + Calling from Thrid-Party


I have an online CRM application (nothing fancy just some asp and sql server express) and want to connect it to a IP Pbx.

My configuration is:

1 PSTN Line
1 Phone for PSTN
1 Cellular Phone and a 3G Pen
Vmware or a dedicated PC for FreePbx.

What I am asking if this is possible:

  • I want to connect the PSTN line and make phone calls with freepbx and deliver them to the PSTN phone.
  • I want to have the Cellular Phone connect to the Celluar Number by indication of the freepbx
  • I want to be able to receive incoming calls with freepbx identifing the number (caller id).
  • I would like to have the 3G Pen (it’s from vodafone HUAWEI HSPA something) connected and be able to receive and make calls from it - Only for Cell Phone Number.

Can this be done? I’ve already installed the PEn but had no sucess in getting it to work. For the PSTN I’m thinking of buying the LinkSys SPa-3102 (if I’m not mistaken).

For now I do not intend to be using the SIP/Voip Inbound/Outbound possibilites of FreePbx I just need a nice PABX that allows me to grow in the future.

Sorry for the long speech :slight_smile:

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This is the only question you asked and the answer is yes.

I am Leonel
I want to connect PABX Matra Nortel (with analog phones) with mY Asterisk Server via FXS on PABX and FXO on my TDM Card on Asterisk.
But I don’t have the login and password to do this in command Line (on terminal).
I just have a login and password of GUI free PBX.
Is-it possible to do all steps in GUI Free PBX.
Especially loading the card driver is done with the command modprobe wctdm ?
Is it possible to loading the driver card on GUI Free PBX ?
If not, what can I do ?

Is it possible to crack or change the login and password of Command line.


Leonel - Do not hijack threads and change the subject.

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Thanks SkykingOH. Yo were right that was the only question.

The other question is how?

What Hardware is there that doesn’t cost a fortune will allow me to have a GSM and a PSTN together???

By the way how do you get the USB PEN from VODAFONE a ZTE 375 if I’m not mistaken to work on FreePbx???