Pstn FXO inbound caller id

PSTN line to FXO
I have made a trunk between FXO and FreePBX.
Trunk Name:
softphone just shows Trunk ID or port number (e.g. 1001)when someone calls me from the cellular network.
Not shown his mobile number

How have you done this?

Dinstar FXO DAG 1000 connect with FreePBX

What are these options set to?


And what country are you in?

Also what are your PJSIP trunk settings?

I can’t see any options to use other than From for caller ID, so you may need to use IP identification, rather than registration.

What about:


(It’s not clear whether this applies to inbound calls.)



I’d need to check the RFC to be sure what this is about.

Does the calling number appear in the CDR record in the Dinstar web interface? If not, it isn’t detecting the caller ID correctly. Try changing the Detect CID setting on the FXO Parameters page. If no luck, there may be other settings related to caller ID (I’m not familiar with this device). If still no luck, confirm by connecting an analog phone to the line that caller ID is being sent by the Telco. Caller ID format varies by country and it’s possible that the Dinstar is not compatible with yours.

If the CDR does show the calling number, make sure that “Send Original CID …” is enabled. This requires that the trunk is identified by other than username, e.g. Auth Username or IP address; the latter is unsuitable if there are other devices sharing the IP.

in CDR source and destination is my trunk ID of free pbx

inbound and Trunk in FreePBX

I know almost nothing about the Dinstar, but the manual implies that if caller ID is successfully detected, it will appear in the CDR, even if it is not sent to the PBX. You are not seeing it in the CDR, so I assume it was not properly detected.

If you have confirmed (with an analog phone) that the lines to which it is connected do present caller ID, I can only suggest trying whatever options Dinstar offers for CID detection. If none of them work, it is possible that it is not compatible with the standard used in your country. Perhaps Dinstar support can answer this question. If not, they can probably tell you which protocols are supported (Bell FSK, V.23 FSK, DTMF, etc.) and when it can ‘listen’ for CID (after first ring, before first ring, after polarity reversal, etc.) You can then check this list against what your telco is actually sending.

If you can’t make this work and caller ID is important for your application, you might ask the Telco whether they can deliver your calls by SIP rather than on analog lines.

Or, depending on your country, you may be able to port the numbers to a SIP trunking provider.

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