Provisioning Server IP reverts to old/unused IP and Port

Good afternoon! We are having a strange issue with our Sangoma PBXact phone system.

The IP used by our PBX system changed last year. Now we are having an issue where every time our phones provision (using the correct IP and port), the provisioning server gets overwritten with the “old” IP address and port. Ie:

Current Provisioning Server:

Old Provisioning Server:

The phone DOES provision using the current server. But as soon as the process finishes, it sets the provisioning server to the OLD IP. This means any future changes are not passed down to the phones, as the phones report that “0325121302|cfg |4|03|Prov|Server ‘’ is unresponsive” (which is correct!).

I’ve checked just about everywhere I can in the system, and I can’t figure out how/why it’s pulling the old IP. Any ideas?

If using Endpoint Manager, the provisioning server addresses are specified in Settings → Endpoint → Global Settings. Changes here obviously require a rebuild of all provisioning files.

Hello Igaetz,

I have checked that area and rebuilt the configs.

In global settings, the internal and external address is in the form of:

7c[lots of characters]51. client. pbxactucc. com

When I perform an nslookup of this address, it resolves to the proper IP address. So I’m still not sure where the old server address is populating from.

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